Learn from Nature

I often go to village of  Bali and join to Bali hindu ceremony for seek something spiritual. A few weeks ago i went to Besakih temple for the big ceremony.  It was valuable ceremony of Bali Hindu only 10 years for  1 time.

It was very colorful and spiritual indeed and i felt like i was stray into another world  against modern seriously when I felt like into illusion.

Bali is a tropical island so really colorful situation like a lot of kind of beautiful flower everywhere all the time here and also each flower are show their exist extremely.

Very strong nature and that is never ending….
But in other hands nature in here is very dangerous if you are not respect them.

Anyway after the big ceremony of  Besakih temple i did meditation  deeply to got an image.
Incantation is the one.

The calligraphy is Kami (God,super natural..) may you see my work by soul eyes deeply.


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