about me


I was born in Yaotsu-town, Japan.
(home town of Mr. Chiune Sugihara)

Contemporary artist (calligraphy)

mystic, poet, novelist, traveler, cosmopolitan

1995-1996. I started my art activity in Auckland, New Zealand.

2000. Moved to Bali Island (sanctuary) and continued producing art work.

The Way Of The Artist

I visited Bali unexpectedly in November 1996, where I had a mysterious
experience at Kuta beach, during the night on December 5th After that
extraordinary event, I was led by a mystic to a town in east Java,
where I had other spiritual encounters, which have forever changed my
philosophy of life and affected my art style dramatically.

I have been searching for the truth of the Universe, trying to express
this through artistic activity, continuing to express the Divine in my
work since the day I moved here.

Rites Of Passages

I practice meditation(pray) and put all other thoughts out of my mind
before I start to produce new work.
I never start a new piece without clearing my mind first: this is my
attitude toward my art work.

My Calligraphy

After a revelation (in Kuta Beach, 1996), I made a decision to express
only KAMI(God,The super natural…) through calligraphy, until I die.

So when I write calligraphy simbol for KAMI (God ,The super
natural…), each shape is different, but the meaning remains the

My Kakejiku Art (Scroll)

My Kakejiku art aims to express the harmony, and transcend the
borders between the countries, races, colors ,generations, and
religions…since, after all, everything becomes from nothing, and
vanishes into nothing.

Normally, Japanese Kakejiku Art(mounting) is bound by traditional
rules, but I’m trying to transcend that in order to make this art

My Personal Philosophy


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